Histon Chop Shop Job

Sometimes simple is best and this very effective display is built from our half crate shelf unit and large crates, all finished in black and branded in white. Our client Mark said: “The crates look great! Just right for the job!“. Job done.

histon chop shop

Look out for Lightme…

We’ve been working with the team at Lightme on their point of sale crate shelf displays over the last few months and they are now starting to be rolled out across the UK. The units look stunning in situ with the new Light Bio-Oil candle range. Sam at Lightme said: “Please see attached the stand in all its glory at Trentham Garden Centre. They looked good in the office, but they look even better in stores. We are really impressed with the displays.”


Perfect for The Present

The Present

Another stunning retail display for The Present in  Barnet. Louise sent us this image and also said: “Thought you might like to see the shelving up and merchandised! Can’t wait to gradually buy more for the rest of the shop!”

Another satisfied customer, if you have a retail display requirement just get in touch.

A Million Meringues

Remember the last time you had to make a million individual meringues and you were thinking: “How on earth am I going to deliver them to the client?”, well look no further than the team here at Furniture Crates. That’s exactly what Sylvia at Meringue Girls did, she’s the leader of the fastest meringue piping gang in the world. We produced over 200 branded wooden trays for them in 5 days, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves until we saw what the Meringue Girls had to do! They are awesome.

01 - Pandora Crates 800px06 - Pandora Crates 800px

Oh yeah, a bloke helped a bit…07 - Pandora Crates - FINISHED_800px

Brand new restaurant collection

We’ve recently launched a whole new set of products aimed at small cafes, bars and restaurants. It includes a range of wooden table signs, two sizes of condiment holders and an ice bucket holder. All of them can be branded and make a stunning set of products. See them all here in our retail display section.


Stunning digital printing in action

Most of the time we are only using a small bit of the functionality of our printers, but now and again we really see how good it can be, and this stunning shelf crate unit from our client, Carniraw is one of those times. Nicola at Carniraw, said: “Here is a photo of the wonderful display crate you made me 😊, the logo came out perfectly and it looks superb in my shop!”



From Garden Trug to Playboy Club!

Well it doesn’t get any more quirky than this in our world, we’ve been working with the prestigious Playboy Club in London to create this bespoke basket with a leatherette handle, based on our humble garden trug. All in black with gold graphics this has been the most elegant upgrade any of our products has ever had!


Trade Show Crates Stand for Pullman Co.

This unique and innovative trade show stand recalled pulled them in at the NEC, the clever stacking and stepping system using the crates lent itself perfectly to the Pullman product range. Bill Webb Owner of The Pullman Company Ltd said “Very professional company , super-fast delivery, nothing was too much trouble , we brought 40 cates for a show at the NEC all visitors passed comments about the stand (they loved them). Many thanks we will defiantly be back for more”

You can see all our retail display solutions and crates for events on our web site.


The perfect retail display…


Here’s a great set of large four crate shelf units in action, beautifully dressed by the folks at IC Innovations. It just shows how versatile and robust the units are.

Sam at IC Innovations sent us this comment about the service she received: “From start to finish, incredible communication and service, with all my expectations being exceeded! First of all, I made the call to Lauren only a few days before Christmas requesting 8 units, to be delivered 6th January 2017 at the very latest. 

“It was touch and go whether we could have any units at all, let alone have 8!  The next day, Lauren called me, to confirm we could have the 8 units, have them sprayed and branded and they could meet our delivery date. I was out of the office between Christmas and New Year, and when I returned on Tuesday, 3rd January, the units had been delivered WOW – how impressed was I!”


Mackie’s Retail Crate Display

Our crate display shelf units are becoming a classic, its hard to find a scenario which they are not perfect for. Harriet from Mackies dsaid: “We were really pleased with the crates and how quickly they were delivered to us. They look great and we’re happy with how the personalised branding has come out.”


You can all our crate display units on our site here