Goodbye old shelving! Hello new crates!

Louise at The Present in Barnet sent us this great new shot of her shop complete with a stunning display of our retail crate units. She said: “Goodbye old shelving! Hello new crates! Don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE them!”

You can see our two tone retail crate shelf display units here in our Retail Display section. just drop us a line if you’d like something similar.

the present barnet

Sandford Orchards Units

There’s a simple and elegant twist on our large four crate shelf unit for Sandford Orchards, the top crate is turned round to provide some on-stand storage as well as show off the logo. If not required the crate can be turned the other way as normal. Using the crate latches means the unit is easy to take apart and fit together for quick assembly at a trade show.

Charlotte at Sanford said: “We asked Plantabox to create some personalised display units for a recent trade show and they didn’t disappoint.  The apple crate storage units were the perfect solution for displaying cider and it was great to get them produced in our brand colours with such clear graphics.  We’ll definitely be back for more.

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

See our Large Four Crate Stack in our Retail Display section.

Bespoke size – just ask!

All of our units can be made to suit you, the products shown are generally made from our core components so offer the best value but we recognise that there are occasions when a specific size is required. If you need something slightly wider or shorter we are happy to help. We recently put this Half Crate Flat Shelf Unit together for Just Eat which was considerably narrower than the standard unit but was in fact still made using standard components. All you have to do is ask, drop us a line or just put a note in the special instructions in the shopping basket.

Half Crate Flat Shelf Unit with Header Board

Half Crate Flat Shelf Unit with Header Board



New Large Retail Display Unit

We’ve been developing this product with one of our customers and it is available to everyone in our Retail Display section. The Large Retail Display Unit features deeper crates, a large base incorporating a very useful storage area and a counter top display unit on the top. It has a real presence in a retail display and can be used at trade shows too.

large wooden display unit blog

Options include wheels, crate latches and as shown here a lipped header board enhances the product.

Pixel perfect printing…

If you haven’t seen our stunning printing process in action then please do get in touch, we’ll be happy to send you a printed sample. And if you include your logo (in a suitable format) we can print it on the reverse. Just go to our contact page and drop us a line!

trade sample rustic_pine 800px

Yet another Bespoke Crate Shelving Solution

We’ve been working with the Wheat Bag Company for some time and we’re really pleased with this unique crate shelving unit that has been developed with Claire, she said: “Just a quick pic to show how I’m selling them with stock in. They all look fab.”

We are always happy to help with bespoke requests, this unit has enlarged storage space in the base, lip elements on the front of the crates and a counter top display unit on the top, all connected with our crate latches for maximum flexibility. The units get used at trade shows as well as in store and look brilliant.

bespoke crate shelving unit for the wheat bag company

bespoke crate shelving unit for the wheat bag company

Just drop us a line if you’d something similar.

Afternoon tea anyone?

The Lunch Co have recently discovered our crates and have been using them to serve afternoon tea, they think the crates are “fab” and are looking to use them even more in future. You can see all branded crates here in our events and promotions section.

lunch co 2lunch co

New Retail Display for Corgi Socks

Corgi Socks is a family-run company combining traditional production methods with a contemporary approach to design, Corgi produces luxury socks and knitwear with a distinctly designer edge. They recently chose us to help them with a new retail display unit for their retail channel, Gill said: “We received our order today. Perfect!! Thank you so much for your help.”

wooden counter top display units

wooden counter top display units

We’re looking forward to working closely with Corgi to develop retail display solutions to complement these wooden counter top display units.

Cafe Planters for The Library

the library planter units 800px

Another example of our brand new wooden cafe planter in use, these stunning digitally printed graphics have a metallic feel which looks amazing in the flesh. We can’t wait to see them in action, we’ll let you know as soon as we do!The Library planter 800px

You can see them here in the catering section of our web site.

Stunning colour combinations…

We’ve seen some brilliant two tone crate colour combinations recently and none better than this one, which is slate grey on the outside and burgundy on the inside. we’ve also developed some crate shelving units for Yang Chai Tea as well which we will share as soon as we have them.

Large Two Tone Crate

Large Two Tone Crate

Why not try it for yourself, two tone that is, not the tea! See our Two-Tone Personalised Crates here on our web site.