Personalised Plantabox Platters

Our trade orders come in all shapes and sizes, but it is sometimes with the smaller ones that we really get to create some lovely bespoke products and we are always delighted to see how they look in action!

We were recently contacted by Paul Stephenson from the Square & Compass pub in North Rigton near Harrogate.  He’d come across our products before, but it was only after a chance conversation with one of his neighbours (another of our lovely customers Sally from Harrogate Preserves), that he realised we could also tweak our products for bespoke orders.  He asked us to create some platters for the pub & its sister pub, The George at Backwell, Bristol, to use for their signature sharing platters, the Smoked Sharer & the Artisan Sharer.

The resulting personalised platters have been winners all round, the chefs love them because they allow for better presentation and also free up more space on bar tables and the feedback for both the platters & the food from customers has been great.  So if you’re passing either pub, be sure to pop in and sample some delicious food served on personalised Plantabox platters!

image1 image2

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