Monthly Archives: August 2016

Fuel Life Cafe Display in Action

Glad to see this bespoke display fully loaded and ready for action, check it out…

fuel life retail display final

Pretty much exactly how we planned it! Drop us a line if you’d like a bespoke retail display solution for your business!

Flexible Display units for Floramedia

It’s always nice to get great feedback especially from a company like Floramedia who specialise in creating stunning retail displays for their partners.

Our client Vicky Gleeson said: “We are really pleased with the Quality and finish, the shelf and lid options aloud us to use them to create height and space to hero our smaller products. We use them for large and small shows as they are so versatile, they’re also great for storing our products in when transporting between shows’. I highly recommend Furniture Crates and the customer service has been superb!”


Envape Product Launch

Some great visuals of our small contemporary crate in action, its being used as part of the product launch for Envape. The contemporary crates are a modern twist on our traditional apple crate styling and have integrated lids, they come in 4 different sizes and you can see them in our Events and Promotions section.

envape 1000px