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Bespoke size – just ask!

All of our units can be made to suit you, the products shown are generally made from our core components so offer the best value but we recognise that there are occasions when a specific size is required. If you need something slightly wider or shorter we are happy to help. We recently put this Half Crate Flat Shelf Unit together for Just Eat which was considerably narrower than the standard unit but was in fact still made using standard components. All you have to do is ask, drop us a line or just put a note in the special instructions in the shopping basket.

Half Crate Flat Shelf Unit with Header Board

Half Crate Flat Shelf Unit with Header Board



New Large Retail Display Unit

We’ve been developing this product with one of our customers and it is available to everyone in our Retail Display section. The Large Retail Display Unit features deeper crates, a large base incorporating a very useful storage area and a counter top display unit on the top. It has a real presence in a retail display and can be used at trade shows too.

large wooden display unit blog

Options include wheels, crate latches and as shown here a lipped header board enhances the product.

Yet another Bespoke Crate Shelving Solution

We’ve been working with the Wheat Bag Company for some time and we’re really pleased with this unique crate shelving unit that has been developed with Claire, she said: “Just a quick pic to show how I’m selling them with stock in. They all look fab.”

We are always happy to help with bespoke requests, this unit has enlarged storage space in the base, lip elements on the front of the crates and a counter top display unit on the top, all connected with our crate latches for maximum flexibility. The units get used at trade shows as well as in store and look brilliant.

bespoke crate shelving unit for the wheat bag company

bespoke crate shelving unit for the wheat bag company

Just drop us a line if you’d something similar.

Brand new – Wooden A Board Sign…

As ever here at Furniture Crates, we love working with our customers to create new solutions, as we know that what works for one business will almost certainly have some resonance with others. And this is a case in point, Bude Bikes asked us to develop a couple of items, an A board and leaflet holder, to help them build some brand awareness in the local area. James, the proprietor, said: “Both items are fantastic, we’ve had a great response and agreed several locations for A boards and the leaflet holder has pride of place in the local pub.”

bude a board 1000pxbude bikes leaflet holder 800px

If you’re looking to build your brand we have all sorts of wooden items you can brand, and if you can’t see what you’re after we’d be happy to help you develop something new!

You can see the Wooden A Board Sign here on our web site.

London Hot Dogs in Style

The London Gourmet Hot Dog Company have integrated our branded small crates into their retailer packs as standard and they look absolutely great. You can find out more about becoming a hot dog retailer here!

Hot-Dog-Buns-1london hot dog 2

Stunning Stand Solution…

Kate of Kensington appeared at a show at Chatsworth House recently and took our crate shelf display units to showcase their beautiful products. We were a bit concerned about the weight of the products being displayed as they are heat resistant ceramic tiles which are pretty heavy. There was also some concealed storage in the bases. Kate said: “Thanks for turning them around for us…they looked great!”

crate shelf display units

crate shelf display units

New Wooden Cafe Planter

We’ve just launched this one as a standard product which you can see in the Catering section of our web site, it’s a large branded mobile planter which has been created as a bespoke solution a couple of times now but it is such a stunning solution we have got to add it to our range. The guys at Imperial Garden were really pleased with it and said: “Thank you for the planters, they look so great on the bar and stand out perfectly from the main road. Thank you for all your support in getting these to us for Science festival and the time and effort put in from your team.”

large branded mobile planter

large branded mobile planter

The biggest crate we’ve ever made!

Not that we’ve been keeping score but this is easily the biggest wooden crate we’ve ever made for a client and we love a challenge. You can see it here modelled by one of our team, if you have a bespoke request for a crate made to measure just let us know!

Paula 800px

Stunning bespoke display

We’ve been working with The Wheat Bag Co for some time and they have got to know our products really well, to the point where they specified their very own bespoke retail display unit, and here it is, needless to say they love it!

wheat bag company 600px

If you’d like a totally bespoke solution for your display needs just give us a call on 01392 823311 or contact us here.

Check out out bespoke solutions…

As much as we love our crate-based products, we also love a challenge and are more than happy when a customer comes to us with an unusual request. Here are a few examples of bespoke projects we’ve undertaken, and if you have something in mind just drop us a line, we’d be glad to help

These mobile planters are being used to create a stunning outdoor dining space at the Wilson Cafe in Cheltenham.

And this custom crate is used as a point of display for cricket bats at Colt Cricket in London.

This unique branded shelving system met the Baggers’ brief exactly, a very specific size that had to be easy to assemble.

This very unusual postbox-cum-desktop worked perfectly at an outside event for Kew Gardens. And this bespoke shelving system fulfils a unique function for shoe storage at Digme Fitness.

You can see from these few examples that we’re up for anything, if you’d like to talk to us about a bespoke project for your business please do get in touch.