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Sandford Orchards Units

There’s a simple and elegant twist on our large four crate shelf unit for Sandford Orchards, the top crate is turned round to provide some on-stand storage as well as show off the logo. If not required the crate can be turned the other way as normal. Using the crate latches means the unit is easy to take apart and fit together for quick assembly at a trade show.

Charlotte at Sanford said: “We asked Plantabox to create some personalised display units for a recent trade show and they didn’t disappoint.  The apple crate storage units were the perfect solution for displaying cider and it was great to get them produced in our brand colours with such clear graphics.  We’ll definitely be back for more.

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

Large Four Crate Shelving Unit

See our Large Four Crate Stack in our Retail Display section.

Afternoon tea anyone?

The Lunch Co have recently discovered our crates and have been using them to serve afternoon tea, they think the crates are “fab” and are looking to use them even more in future. You can see all branded crates here in our events and promotions section.

lunch co 2lunch co

Versatility, the key to success

Earthmonk have been using our retail display crates for a few years now and they keep trying new configurations depending on location and the show they are attending. We’ve been adding display elements to their set up including an extra wide crate which they use across the top of the stand, providing them with a hanging space in the middle.
“This is our third event now with our versatile set up !!! We used two four tier crates with the long box across the top. And depending on the space I have the gap in between can alter. It looks great and the feedback is always so positive about how professional we look,” said Fiona at Earthmonk.

branded wooden crates in retail display

branded wooden crates in retail display

branded wooden crates in retail display

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More success at Chelsea for our crates

Another of our lovely customers, Heyland and Whittle, have also picked up an award at Chelsea for their trade stand and they have a whole range of our crate display products on the stand. Congratulations to them as well!

Hayland & Whittle 800pxhayland award

Snozone displays

We just love the way these colours work together on our branded crates, there’s a real vibrancy to them and they will look great in any retail environment.

snowzone counter top displays 800px

A Million Meringues

Remember the last time you had to make a million individual meringues and you were thinking: “How on earth am I going to deliver them to the client?”, well look no further than the team here at Furniture Crates. That’s exactly what Sylvia at Meringue Girls did, she’s the leader of the fastest meringue piping gang in the world. We produced over 200 branded wooden trays for them in 5 days, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves until we saw what the Meringue Girls had to do! They are awesome.

01 - Pandora Crates 800px06 - Pandora Crates 800px

Oh yeah, a bloke helped a bit…07 - Pandora Crates - FINISHED_800px

Stunning digital printing in action

Most of the time we are only using a small bit of the functionality of our printers, but now and again we really see how good it can be, and this stunning shelf crate unit from our client, Carniraw is one of those times. Nicola at Carniraw, said: “Here is a photo of the wonderful display crate you made me 😊, the logo came out perfectly and it looks superb in my shop!”



To be Honest – it was a pleasure…

We’ve just completed this stunning contract for event crates for Radiator Comms, on behalf of their client Honest, our client Rachel said:

“Working with Furniture Crates has been an absolute pleasure. The customer service we received, in particular from Lauren was outstanding, her attention to detail, guidance and commitment to helping us execute the order efficiently was invaluable. We will definitely be using them again for future events and would recommend their products and services with out any hesitation.”

radiator comms case study 1000px


Envape Product Launch

Some great visuals of our small contemporary crate in action, its being used as part of the product launch for Envape. The contemporary crates are a modern twist on our traditional apple crate styling and have integrated lids, they come in 4 different sizes and you can see them in our Events and Promotions section.

envape 1000px

Personalised ‘Lekman’ Shelf Storage Box

Check out our Home section where there is a brand new storage product which fits perfectly into the IKEA storage systems, like the Lekman box that they stock. Only it is wooden and of course it is personalisable with text, logo or any other graphics. A great way to smarten up the workplace, retail store or home office and show off your brand.

See our shelf storage box on our web site