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One Cove Road Trugs

It’s always interesting to see our products in action and this example of a garden trug being used in a food retail display really sums up how we have grown as a business. From a personalised garden gift retailer to a bespoke point of sale display supplier! These humble apple crates have taken us a long way.


Bespoke Retail Display for Baggers…

When Baggers were asked to put their products into Fenwicks they needed a quick, quality bespoke solution as their display. We stepped in and created this unit based on their design sketches. Everything went well and Stephanie said: “They are amazing, thank you so much for everything and all your help.”



Bespoke Display for Fuel Life

The guys at Fuel Life in Ashby approached us to develop a bespoke unit for their retail outlet, its a bit different and features two new bespoke features: a long blackboard header board and an angled stand for fruit displays.

Neil said: “A massive thank you to Plantabox for designing and making this bespoke piece for us at #fuelashby can’t wait to see it fully stocked and looking fabulous n’ fruity! 👌”

fuel life ashby 800px

And here’s the visual they signed off:

fuel life retail display final.jpg

If you’re looking for a bespoke solution just get in touch


Stunning Retail Display for Love Olli

You may have already seen our photos of this stunning display but here are some much more professional shots. This is one of the most visual impressive point of sale units we have ever created and we’re incredibly grateful to Olive McCaughan at LoveOlli for working with us to create this beautiful range of display units.

Olive said: “The crates have provided LoveOlli with a much stronger brand presence in store, allowing our products to be displayed together in a very eye catching and sophisticated way. Providing the different display options to our stockists has made it easy for them to merchandise our products. The quality and finish of the units enhance the overall look and feel of the brand and add a real sense of quality.”

Click on the images below to see them bigger and do get in touch if you’d like to work with us on a bespoke project like this.

Bespoke Retail Displays

Our latest bespoke wooden display is for Colt Cricket to display their cricket bats, made specifically to size and with a custom construction to maximise the number of bats on display these units are a real hit! If you’re looking for a bespoke wooden branded retail display or point of sale unit just get in touch.

cricket bat 1cricket bat 2